Tenkiller Taxidermy

We do accept items by mail to be mounted to your specifications.  Our Price List as shown on this site, does not include shipping cost.  All shipping cost to and from are additional expenses.  See our Contact page for related information.  Feel free to contact us for any issues related to shipping that isn't explained on our Contacts page.  All work requires a 50% deposit.

2018 Price List
 SpeciesShoulderLife SizeEuropean SkullOther
North American AnimalsWhitetail Deer $350.00$2,275.00$150.00 
 Mule Deer $350.00$2,275.00$150.00 
 Antelope $350.00$2,275.00$150.00 
 Elk $725.00$3,850.00$200.00 
 Elk Bugling $750.00$3,900.00  
 Black Bear $950.00$2,800.00$150.00 
 Coyote $350.00$650.00$95.00 
 Bobcat $350.00$650.00$95.00 
 Raccoon $250.00$500.00$95.00 
 Squirrel  $175.00  
 Fox $350.00$650.00$95.00 
 Wild Hogs $625.00 $185.00 
North American FowlTurkey  $425.00  
 Turkey Strut $475.00  
 Turkey Tail/Beard (Fan)   $95.00
 Turkey Shoulder/Tail   $200.00
 Ducks  $180.00  
 Small Geese  $225.00  
 Large Geese  $250.00  
North American FishBass Per Inch $125.00 Minimum $12.00  
 Reproductions Per Inch $150.00 Minimum $12.00