Tenkiller Taxidermy

Tenkiller Taxidermy is a full time, full service taxidermy shop.  We do taxidermy work for hunters of all types, fisherman of all types as well as collectors or those that simply like quality life like animal artistry.  Taxidermy is much more than preserving ones animal or simply mounting it, it's more of an artistic talent to preserve ones trophy in a lifelike form.  We strive to produce high quality work and 100% complete satisfaction for all customers.  Feel free to contact us, for any additional information.

We do accept items by mail to be mounted to your specifications.  Our Price List as shown on this site, does not include shipping cost.  All shipping cost to and from are additional expenses.  See our Contact page for related information.  Feel free to contact us for any issues related to shipping that isn't explained on our Contacts page. 

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